Demetrius Oliver


Demetrius Oliver by Jennie Hirsh, Art in America, May, 2014
Canicular: Demetrius Oliver at the Print Center by Daniel Gerwin, Huffington Post, February 28, 2014
Demetrius Oliver: “Azimuth” at Inman Gallery by Douglas Britt, art ltd., May 2012
Two Helpings Of the Future, Yes Please by Melissa Venator, …might be good, April 6, 2012
Nature’s Transcendent Image by Lori Salmon, The International Review Of African American Art, 2011
Demetrius Oliver: A far-reaching young artist explores Earth, space and beyond. by T.J. Carlin, Time Out New York, March 19 – 25, 2009
Demetrius Oliver: The Studio Museum in Harlem by John Ewing, Art Lies, Winter 2007-2008
The Blackness of Blackness by Huey Copeland, ArtForum, October 2008

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